Wedding Rings for Men in Addition to Elegant Gold

The wedding ring is an important jewelry that must be present in a marriage reception. Not only women but wedding rings are also worn by men as well. The wedding ring is a symbol that they are bound and possessed. But for Muslim men is prohibited to use gold jewelry, in contrast with Muslim women to wear jewelry made of various materials, a Muslim man can not do the same. However, Muslim men can use jewelry or rings other than gold or made of materials other than gold. One ring made of the material other than gold is a palladium ring and silver or silver ring. In this article, we will discuss the golden ring of gold in addition to color that can replace the golden wedding ring but still beautiful and elegant.

Gold substitute material for elegant Muslim male wedding rings

Regulations banning Muslim men wear rings from the gold contained in the history Hadith Bukhari Hadith No. 5863 and 2089 the number of Muslim history as well as history an-nasal hadith number 5148. In some of these traditions explained that men are prohibited from using that comes from gold jewelry, be it In the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry that material of gold. Some non-gold materials can replace gold that has now become popular in the community due to Muslim men’s need for wedding rings that are not of gold. Materials other than gold that can replace gold is of silver and palladium. In addition to modern, silver and palladium also has an affordable price in comparison with the gold wedding ring. Although the reasonable cost is cheaper, the ring of palladium and silver has a quality that is not less good with a ring that comes from gold. Well, here are some facts:

  1. Sterling silver 925 is the highest standard in the silver jewelry industry and has become an international standard.

Sterling silver 925 is obtained by mixing 92.5{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} pure silver with 7.5{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} copper. The quality of sterling silver 925 you need no doubt because it is almost worth the jewelry that comes from gold

  1. Palladium has a boiling point and a better contour of gold

So with a high boiling point would keep the ring from a wide variety of conditions, such as extreme temperatures palladium ring will hold and not easy to melt.

  1. Treatment of wedding rings from palladium is easier

This does not incriminate the wearer regarding caring, so we are not afraid of something bad happening to our ring because it does not require special care for this palladium ring

  1. The price of palladium and silver wedding rings is much lower

Quantity is often associated with quality, but not always the theory is correct, because the ring was originating from palladium and silver although more affordable than gold, also has a quality that is no less great as well.

  1. The palladium ring is resistant to black stains due to oxidation.

This oxidation process that often makes the jewelry black and rusty, this oxidation can be through the water can also through the air. So that easily oxidized silver is not suitable for jewelry because it will be easier to rust and the original color of the metal is not durable.

  1. The original color of the palladium ring and palladium jewelry do not quickly fade

This causes the palladium ring is not easily oxidized, because of its already stable in the air resulted in this metal does not easily fade.

With a series of facts above, you no longer have to worry about choosing a silver ring or palladium ring to be a complementary wedding day. Anyway, for what use gold rings if reality can get a ring that has a quality that is no less great than gold, and can be purchased at affordable prices. For those of you who are confused to choose a ring other than gold for the groom, the above is the solution and explanation.