Wedding Flowers Tips To Compliment On A Flowering Day

Marriage is a significant sacral event in one’s life because marriage is only done once in a lifetime, so many people are deliberately preparing everything to smooth and perfect the series of incidents in the wedding procession even though it must be by spending a lot of money. Preparing for marriage should be thought through carefully and pay attention to everything from the smallest things, such as choosing a wedding ring, choosing a dress of marriage and choose an interest of marriage that will be your handheld at the marriage ceremony. Selecting an interest of marriage looks like a small and casual look. In other words, a bouquet of flowers, wreaths or flower arrangements, is a flower arranged and then given a ribbon is just normal. However, in fact, not all the bouquet of flowers are similar, right? Many different types of flowers can be used as a reference for your wedding.

Variations of bridal flowers bouquet

Have you heard of any of the various kinds of scents that can be used as a flower of marriage? If not, here are the different types of models and forms of wedding flowers that you can use on your wedding day:

  • Cascade

Bouquet type cascade is a kind of flowers that resemble a waterfall, where the flowers are stacked in such a way as to strand downward. Then combined with orchids and leaves that propagate to beautify this model further. This type of flower arrangement is very active and prominent, so it is suitable if coupled with a simple wedding dress.

  • Posy

This type of bouquet is more directed to the classic and traditional perfume types. Where this bouquet has a size small enough to hold in hand. The bouquet is usually seen dense by the flowers and slightly combined with a touch of a leaf. Posy bouquet has a round shape surrounded by a thick ribbon; this flower looks very sweet and straightforward, very suitable for you who like the cute little things and elegant.

  • Hand-tied

This type of flower is more impressed free and irregular when compared with other types of a bouquet. Hand-tied is usually made with containers equipped with various sweeteners, such as by adding a variety of green plants. To unify the contents of different types, this bouquet is tied with ribbons, cloth, or with lumps of the thread. This perfume is suitable for a bohemian or rustic wedding.

  • Round

The characteristic of this bouquet is a perfect round bouquet shape like a ball. Bouquet series is usually filled with roses or peony flowers. This bouquet only consists of one color only, but the beauty generated from this bouquet is not inferior to the bouquet made with various flowers, it also adds elegant value to the flower.

  • Nosegay

What is the characteristic of this nosegay flower bouquet? Yes, this type of bouquet nosegay has a shape that is almost similar to the posy bouquet type premises. The difference lies in the green plants that combine it. Where compared with the corsage bouquet type, nosegay bouquet type more use of green plants as a supplement smell, so it looks more fresh and charming.

  • Pomander

This perfume type is different from other aroma types, in addition to its round shape, this bouquet also has no handle. Usually, the customer uses one strand ribbon only. This kind of wreath is perfect for florists because the form and size are very possible to be held and carried by children with small hand sizes.

  • Composite

This lovely bouquet has another name that is glam, Elie. Unlike the previous bouquets made from the intact Bungay, this perfume model consists of flowers and petals. The color of this perfume is usually combined between red hearts with pink or with other colors. This bouquet is perfect for couples who have an artistic soul.

Of the various varieties of wedding flower bouquet, is there anything you are interested in? Hopefully, this article can help you in selecting wedding flowers that suit your taste. Happy flower arranging