Titanium Wedding Rings To Complement Your Happiness

Indeed, love is such a beautiful thing! We have heard it in hundreds of love songs, watched it in any movies, and seeing two people from the different background and character can happily falling in love with each other. But love turned out to be not only a feeling, but it’s also where they exchange a commitment to be together forever with each other. And a wedding rings here playing a crucial role as the symbol of never-ending love. The two love birds will wear it on their ring fingers proudly as a shred of evidence to a vow. That is why choosing a pair of wedding rings for her and him can be so confusing.

Understanding Specifically About Titanium

These days, wedding bands made from titanium has surpassed the gold and silver rings in the past. Found in some meteorites, makes the titanium as the number seven of the most abundant metals in the world. Initially, it’s used for industrial applications, but now it’s also best known as a wedding ring material. It has a very light gray or white color and can change into other colors through some brushing and polishing. It has a high resistance to dents and scratches, but it’s true that it’s not scratch proof. Titanium is so light weight due to its low density, yet it is such a sturdy and durable metal than other metals. It has a 4.11 mass that feels as light as a feather on your finger. It creates a unique and modern style from the classic one to the one with glimmering stones that makes people want it.

Type Of Titanium That Suitable For Wedding Rings

With its ultimate durability and comfort-fit that expertly crafted, no-alloys that make it hypoallergenic, and lightweight makes it’s gaining popularity quickly among couples in these days for their engagements or wedding ceremonies, especially for the groom. The titanium metals divided from a grade 1 to 4. The commercial pure (CP) is the best type of wedding rings purpose that is available in all grades and contain 99{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} pure titanium. But the best one is the 2 to 4 CP classes. Here we present you the best type of titanium for wedding rings.

  1. Black Titanium Rings

It has a color plate ion that needs a black coating, and the treatments are so durable than the standard plate. Eventually, the ion surfaces will wear away and chip away too. And the entire color of the rings will change. But one thing that you must remember, real black titanium rings involves a coating treatment for the whole ring surfaces.

  1. Aircraft Grades Titanium Rings

Aircraft grade contained 90{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} pure titanium and alloyed with 4{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} vanadium and 6{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} aluminum to increase the natural strength of the titanium itself. This type is hard to engrave, repair, or even to resize it because CP 2-4 grade is a high-quality ring with an extreme strength.

  1. Tristan Titanium Rings

This eye-catching rings designed with a unique style that carved all the way through the band made by a solid block material of aircraft grade titanium to create the intricate of Celtic knot pattern as the brilliant symbol of a timeless commitment!

  1. Apex Black Two Toned Titanium Rings

The Apex has a beautiful classic design with a hint of modern style. The natural black titanium hue in the steeply beveled edges complement the glossy and black base. Moreover, it has an exceptional comfiness with its clean linear setting.

Now, if you plan to tie the knot with your beloved one soon, make sure you choose the right titanium rings for your wedding ceremony. Find your perfect titanium ring style that will remind you enduring devotion. The choices are yours to make. Happy Wedding!