Short Wedding Dresses Makes Your looks Stunning

Preparing a wedding day is a difficult thing for everyone. There are many things and preparation you have to do and think about. One of the crucial thing for a day of marriage is clothes, especially for the woman wedding dress. It would be hard to make a decision what kind of wedding dress that the bride will wear on her special day. Many kinds of dresses have impressive features, and it would make people confuse to decide because of there are too much different style and design.

Choosing a wedding dress for your special day

There are many styles and design of wedding dresses that have a beautiful appearance. We would be so happy if we find a dress which is beautiful and suit your taste. But, sometimes the hard times come when you thought like this “Ummm, is this wedding dress will suit my body? Is it not too much? Is it fine if I choose this one?” and many more. It would be like that because yeah that’s is your super-precious-wedding-day that you don’t want something not good comes even just a little thing. Let’s find the solution.

Beautiful short wedding dresses

Have you ever imagined to wear a short wedding dress on your special day? There are not many people decide to choose a short dress style for her special day. Most people prefer to choose the long wedding dress to make her looks glamor. Wait, is it right? Nope. You could still look glamor even fantastic because of a short wedding dress. You would steal everyone attention because you’re the spotlight on that place and of course your anti-mainstream dress would make people amazed. Sound’s cool, right?

Celebrity short wedding dresses

As we know, a celebrity would be a trendsetter for many people, even for a marriage day. Many celebrities have many followers on their social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So that people could follow their lifestyle quickly. And it works too for celebrity wedding day. The wedding concept, theme, even the wedding clothes (especially the dress that the bride wears). And talking about short wedding dresses, there are many celebrities choose this style on her special day. Are you curious who are they? Check these out.

  1. Cindy Crawford

This woman is an American actress and supermodel. Cindy had good careers on modeling that made her as an influence international celebrity. And of course her marriage with success American entrepreneur Rande Gerber. They tied-the-knot on 1998 that made people curious and wanted to know the details about the concept of their special day. One of the most awaited by people at that time was about her wedding dress. She wore white lace mini dress that made her looks so gorgeous but wasn’t too much at that point. Her simple dress with laces made her looks so stunning and beautiful at the same time. How gorgeous she is.

  1. Keira Knightley

This lovely and beautiful actress began her career in the entertainment industry in 1995. She tied the knot with a British musician that also a keyboard player James Nicholas Righton in May 2013. Keira wore a short wedding dress that showed the simplicity but still beautiful and suits on her body. This not-too-much wedding dress made Keira looked stunning on her special day. She looked gorgeous. Keira’s wedding dress came to her knee so she could walk and easily walk everywhere, so cool. She does love her wedding dress even she used it many times on some event. She didn’t care about people opinion. She looked like want to tell people “it’s my dress, not yours. Just enjoy your life because I don’t care about yours”. You’re very cool, Keira. Keep it up!

  1. Whitney Port

Whitney is an American actress, author, and fashion designer. She tied the knot with a famous television producer Tim Rosenman. Her wedding day in 2015 had an interesting fact to know. This beautiful actress chose to wear the wedding dress designed by Ashi Studio. It showed with a classic white palette, and the uniqueness thing about this dress is a unique but simple fabulous piece of its drop back. It looked match with Tim that used Navy Suit. He looked handsome and stunning.

  1. Olivia Palermo

As we know that Olivia Palermo is a model and socialite that made people wants to know about her life. She tied-the-knot with a model from German named Johannes Huebl in 2014. Her wedding day was awaited by people because yeah she is a socialite. But, we could see that Olivia wore a simple short wedding dress that matches with a cream sweater. We could see that it didn’t too much for a socialite like Olivia Palermo. She combined the sweater with a short skirt in the same color. The skirt featured with a high slit in the front side that has floral style. It was adorable. Keep it up, Olivia.

  1. Nancy Shevell

Who doesn’t know the Beatles? Yup, this is a super legend over the world. One of its member which is Paul McCartney tied-the-knot with a beautiful lady named Nancy Shevell. She is famous in the business sector because of her reputation as a vice-president on her family companies. And back to the main topic about her wedding dress, we could see that she wore a simple short dress designed by Stella McCarney who is her husband daughter in 2011. Not just an ordinary designer because Stella already in runaway fashion designing, so her beautiful dress that present to her daddy’s-new-wife was beautiful and made Nancy looked stunning and gorgeous.

Those are some celebrities that used a short wedding dress on her special day in life. You don’t need to worry if you think that your appearance wouldn’t be that good. You could share your mind with a fashion designer about your future short wedding dress to make it perfect when you wear it on the wedding day. Show this article to your fashion designer as her/his references. Good luck and wish you had a super awesome wedding day that you’ll never regret it in life. See you.