Reasons Why You Must Say Yes to Wedding Dress Rental

Wedding dress rental becomes one of bride’s best friends today. All modern brides agree that their dresses have a starring role to play. However, purchasing the dreaming dress can be a hefty chunk tie up on their budget. This fund can go to other things for the wedding. If you are on the same page, the following reasons will support you to go to rentals.

  1. Inexpensive Alternative

Purchasing wedding dresses with popular designs often take at least $1,000. Meanwhile, designer dresses are available starting from $3,000-5,000. This fund is a huge blow on the budget. Meanwhile, wedding dress rental can offer around $75 fee for a dress. For designer dress, they commonly offer fees starting from $500.

In addition to the inexpensive fee, bride will get additional perks. They commonly offer jewelry to complete the dress, alteration to match your bride’s body size, and sometimes cleaning service after the wedding. With this situation, every bride can wear their dream wedding dress regardless their financial situation.

  1. Simple Care

If you buy a wedding dress, you will need to think about how to store them, not to mention the fact that you will not wear them ever again. If you plan to pass it down to some relatives, best friend, or your daughter, you have at least twenty years maintaining the dress. Meanwhile, your wedding dress style will be outdated by then.

Unlike purchasing the dress, you can simply deliver the dress back to the shop or rental. They will commonly taking care of the dress from there. You don’t have to prepare a place to store it. You don’t have to dry clean it. You don’t have to think about the fate of the dress.

  1. Dress Fitting is Flexible

If you plan to buy your wedding dress, you will find that all stores only provide limited sizes. If you want a fit dress, you need to order months before so professional tailor can make it for you. This will take time and it costs more.

Meanwhile in wedding dress rental, you will be surprised by the options of sizes available. It will be easier to find a fit size dress in rentals. Even if the rentals only supply limited styles, each style is commonly available on several sizes. With alteration is often an available option, a bride always can find a dress that fits her well.

  1. Designer Dress

Many wedding dress boutiques often decide not to store designer dresses at the store. Those dresses often sit there for months and maybe years without selling because of the high price. It explains why bride rarely find designer dresses on their racks. It doesn’t happen this way in rentals.

In rentals, you will find more and more designer dresses. It is simple. People only need to pay the rental fee so a lot of designer dresses actually make selling here. If you choose the rental carefully, you will even find high end designer dresses in rentals. Fact shows that most brides find their dreaming dresses in rental shops.

  1. Destination Wedding Friendly

Destination wedding has been a trend for a while now. If you plan this kind of wedding, you already have a lot of stuffs to pack. Packing a wedding dress will be a nightmare especially if your destination is quite far from your hometown. This is when wedding dress rental is a life saving option. Find one on your destination and you only need to pick it up before your wedding.

In short, this is a very agreeable alternative. You can finally find a dress with fitting size, and you can even wear a designer dress without spending too much money on it. If you are on budget, say yes to your wedding dress rental.