Fresh Wedding Flower as a Decoration in The Bridal Room

Preparing everything for the wedding is time and thought, especially if we want an attractive and luxurious wedding party that will be memorable throughout your life. Well, to prepare this sacred event we have to be smart in choosing something that we will later use in the wedding procession. Things to be made by the bride or family of the bride and groom include selecting a committee of marriage, designing the theme of the wedding, choosing a catering menu, pick a dress for the wedding, and decorate the room to be beautiful and charming. Here I will provide reviews how to decorate the bridal room or the room for the wedding.

Tips decorate the bridal room with fresh flower arrangements

Decorate the bridal chamber is one of the processions that must be prepared before the marriage ceremony takes place because the bridal chamber is the first space that will be occupied by the bride, here there will be prayers and expectations of the couple. So the decoration of the bridal room is not just installing bedroom equipment, but also with fresh flower arrangements to add harmony. As for tips for to decorate the bridal room is as follows:

  • Simple wedding room decoration

For simple but elegant room decoration tips, you can prepare it with just a fresh flower arrangement on the head of the bed along with two standing flowers on both sides; these tips are perfect for you who like simplicity.

  • Modern wedding room decoration

For this decoration, you can add flower arrangements to the top of the window curtain, the bridal bedroom door and also the beautiful flower arrangement on the room table. You can also decorate the bedroom with a sprinkling of rose petals.

In the selection of wedding room decoration flowers, make sure the type and color of flowers by the theme and style of the wedding you choose.

  • Pick fresh flowers that do not quickly wilt, like sunflowers, dahlias, and lilies
  • Choose casual flower like Casablanca flower
  • Do not choose strongly flavored flowers such as jasmine


Wedding room decoration

Marriage is the most important moment in human life, so not infrequently the bride and groom plan glamorous wedding decorations and swallow funds that are not small. In addition to the bedroom, the room for the wedding also needs to be decorated with beautiful flower ornaments although only with minimal preparation, here is the concept of decorating the wedding room that does not take significant funds but still sweet and elegant and does not reduce the essence of the wedding It self:

  • The idea of minimalist wedding room decoration

Speaking of the design of the wedding room, the decor of the chamber usually uses a lot of ornament, so the place looks magnificent. Namu is not so with this minimalist decoration concept. You can replace wedding ornament with flower plants that grow around you

  • Show room design that goes green

View the design that goes green more comfortable and pleasant to look at the room, use useful ornaments and helpful for the design, so that unnecessary ornament can be removed so as not to fill the room.

Wedding with the concept of minimalism by using fresh flowers still look elegant and beautiful isn’t it? For you who are still dizzy to determine the idea of marriage, you can use a series of fresh flowers for a minimalist wedding decoration. Hopefully, this information is useful and good luck with your wedding concept ideas.