Best Model Of Gold Wedding Ring

The golden ring is not unusual for couples getting married. This is a must that must be in it. Because as a symbol that his love has been valid forever. Therefore you as a male should be more selective in choosing a wedding ring for your partner. Note the quality is not regarding appearance but look with detail. Because this is a unique offering for you spouse that will be used forever. Here are some models of gold wedding ring best refer to the full.

The best gold wedding ring model 

Lots of beautiful golden rings for your wedding here. Of course with the quality of materials, design, and comfort on your fingers. Because it is made of pure gold with an average content of 75{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282}. In this type of gold ring for the wedding, of course, has a simple shape but looks elegant when worn. You must be interested when reading it, see here.

  1. Lucie Wedding Rings

This gold ring has a uniqueness that is on the surface of the ring resembles a stone in every part of the ring. This ring is made of real 75{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} gold, and each ring weighs 4 grams. For decoration in the middle wearing white stone zircon. In addition to zircon stone, you can pair local or other types diamonds according to your taste.

  1. Caroline wedding rings

Characteristic of this gold ring is a simple, sleek and beautiful shape used on your fingers. Because this simple ring so in the physical design does not have a stone, it’s just there is such a carving that circles the ring as decoration. Therefore the ring of this model is very durable. For men, this ring is made with palladium material with yellow gold coated. And for women, this ring combines white and gold.

  1. Paulinna Noor Wedding Rings

This ring is suitable for you who have the big body. In this ring, the color material used is not young gold, but 75{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} gold. So from the gold content, you get a ring design and good materials. Uniquely Paulina ring there are six vast, and small white stones are arranged beautifully. The rock type of the ring is a zircon stone.

  1. Romero Wedding Rings

The Romero ring has its uniqueness that this ring model looks like two rings combined. Because this gold ring has a combination of golden yellow and white. The design of Romero rings was simple. If this ring for men than an ugly ring without any white stone on it, but if for women this ring is equipped with a beautiful white stone with it.

  1. Eternal name wedding rings

The gold ring is provided with a yellow rhodium silver on the ring surface. The rhodium-plated silver serves to give a beautiful and unique look to the eternal name engraving on the ring. And to beautify the look, like the ring type above, this ring is also equipped with a white stone type of zircon next to the carved eternal name.

  1. Pure Gold Aurel Wedding Rings

This ring is gorgeous on the curved surface of the ring, so it looks very futuristic impression. With a glossy look and premium zircon stones, when this ring is worn, it will look elegant to you. The pure gold content held is the same as the other 75{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282}. This ring is very suitable for you and your couple.

It’s all an interesting gold ring reference for those of you who are getting married. For those of you who are still hesitant to choose gold rings, the above explanation can help you in the choice of a beautiful and elegant golden ring. Good luck