5 Things You Will Love from Traditional Wedding Dresses

Modern and non-traditional wedding dresses are wonderful of course, but the charm of those traditional wedding dresses can’t be denied. There are several things that even the most rebellious wedding dress inherits from the traditional ones. If you are on hunting for your wedding dress, check out the following thins and see if the traditional dress fits your style.

  • Flattering Fabrics

Most traditional wedding dresses are made of the most flattering fabrics for bride body type. Satin gives versatile look and smooth finish on most body types. Charmeuse is rich and sophisticated while chiffon gives bride ultra light weight look. Organza is often a thicker alternative to chiffon, and tulle is sweet and sheering while being puffy at the same time.

Each body type will define the fabric needed to flatter bride’s best features. Many times, these fabrics are combined for a more elaborated finish. These fabrics work well with pleats and beads, and it is easy to match it to the rest outfit features.

  • Delicate Bodice

Traditional design worships bride’s body shape and it explains why most of them feature delicate bodice to show your figure. Not only looking elegantly sexy, it accentuates the bride overall look perfectly. Starting from the basic idea, many designers like to combine this principle on their design.

From full lace to structured bodice, each of them offers a certain touch completing the look. For a more conventional touch, you can prefer on full coverage bodice with slim line. Meanwhile, almost sheering and full lace bodice is on trend right now, leaving you with sexy but not too much look to admire.

  • Elegant and Expensive Looking Color

While modern and non conventional dresses are closely associated with patterns and colorful finish, traditional wedding dresses are more about elegant colors. Pure white is the first basic idea for the dress. Sometimes, it is almost silver for being shiny. However, these dresses get more modern touch as well.

Bride now can prefer on more variations of colors. Ivory is the most favorite color bride often picks today. Cream gives chic and romantic resemblance, while off white is always considered young and playful while still being traditional. Broken white is perfect for every complexion and all of them give bride an expensive look.

  • Sophisticated Lace Accent

Wedding dresses with traditional style is always about being elegant and romantic. It explains why lace is always included in it. Lace represents sophistication and delicate touch. In a wedding dress, it gives rich and expensive look while excellent hands will create artistic decorative statement for the dress.

Lace looks great as the outer layer of your wedding dress. It looks like a vintage piece while playful at the same time. Many brides like lace back that gives them sexy touch while stays being sweet. Often, lace is added on sleeves for more dramatic look for the dress. You can basically do anything with lace.

  • Charming Silhouette

The combination of the entire things only results in one thing, a charming silhouette. Traditional wedding dresses are available in many shapes from mermaid to A-line, and from vintage to asymmetrical details. Brides can always get the perfect one for their body shape and style in traditional dress. Made of flattering fabrics with elegant accents, bride gets only charming silhouette that shows their best features perfectly while being discreet on their insecurities.

Basically, there are too many things we love on these dresses. It explains why most brides go for traditional style for their special day. If you find yourself loving those things above, it is almost certain that traditional wedding dresses will fit you the best. You should start hunting for it now.